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One more convenience for potential buyers and sellers are presented in Bali. Bali Auction House present aim of these opportunities as well as providing convenience for business people on this island. With the motto Easy, Safe, Comfortable, and Affordable, Bali Auction House hopes to continue to exist to provide the best service to our service users are expected to auction so well received and got a place hearts of businessmen and society in general.

Bali Auction House offers a variety of products such as property auctions, Land, Painting, Vehicle, as well as other auction items are in great demand in various circles. Bali Auction will continue to provide the best auction service and will continue to be a consumer choice.

How to reach us



Jl By Pass Ngurah Rai  No.100. Denpasar 80037, Bali Indonesia

Tel. (62 361) 820 1500 Fax. (62 361) 728481


Office Hours

Open 09:00 to 17:00 Mon. to Fri. Saturdays 09:00 to 13:00

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Brief History

Bali auction house is a company dedicated to the service of auctions and was formed in February 14, 2011.

Behind the foundation of one of Bali House auction is since the enactment of Decree of the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia No. 47/KMK.01/1996 dated January, 25th 1996 until the renewal of the Republic of Indonesia finance minister's house engaged in auction activities thus opening an opportunity for creditors to conduct an direct auction without having to involve the courts.

Progress is needed in Indonesia today as a result of the requirements of dynamic society; growing auction has a function of the public service function, the function of private services and budgetary functions.

Development of the auction functions described above make auction transactions as a means of buying and selling is increasingly sought and required by both state authorities and by society at large today. This can be seen from the growing interest of the community to participate in the auction.

But we still see growth auction institution in Indonesia still needs to be optimized because the people that have not been socialized and educated as a whole and therefore has not benefited from optimal auction transactions.

So the cause has not yet reached equilibrium between supply and demand positions for the optimization of the auction market transactions can occur if there is integration between auction markets, where auction markets can mutually balance between supply and demand positions. While the strength of integration itself is formed of innovation infrastructure, human resources, other forms of cooperation with various parties involved and well educated society.

Therefore, an innovative breakthrough in the field of auction to provide more open space options and more variety for the community. To that Bali Auction House is present in society, especially among businessmen. We are ready to become your trusted partner, both in conducting auctions or auction voluntary execution.