Social VISAs

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Valid For 6 Months , Single entry Visa

The purpose of this visa is to visit friends / relationships, social - cultural or educational exchange. With this visa you are not allowed to do business activities in Indonesia or to take up employment. Sponsorship is required by an Indonesian citizen, for instance in Bali.


  • Application letter from sponsor
  • Copy the sponsor’s id card-
  • 2 (two) passport sized photographs (4 x 6) fotocopy of foreigner’s passport


If The visa is collected in Indonesian Embassy in Singapore Rp 200.000,-

Days taken : 1 Day

If The visa is collected in Indonesian Embassy others Country Rp 1.750.000,-

Days taken 3 –4 Days , and sponsor must provide :

  • Copy of Family Register ( Kartu Keluarga )
  • Copy of Bank Account ( Buku Tabungan / Deposito )


Upon Arrival you got 60 days free visit , as you do not need to extend the Visa you free to leave anytime.

And if you want to stay longer than 60 days you can extend the visa , please extend your visa at least 7 days before the expired date. Extension is valid for 30 days

1st Extension Rp 700.000,-

2nd Extension Rp 750.000,- + 2 Photographs sized 3 x 4 + Finger Print

3rd Extension Rp 700.000,-

4th Extension Rp 700.000,-

I & II Extension takes +/- 1 week in Immigration

III & IV Extension takes +/- 2 weeks Immigration

After fourth extension you have to leave the country.